Timeshare Insights

Ibach & Associates handles all media relations and marketing programs involving Timeshare Insights and the company's creator, Lisa Ann Schreier, who is a seasoned marketing and advertising expert. Schreier now combines that expertise with her experience in timeshare sales and sales management to bring a consumer friendly viewpoint to the often confusing world of timeshare. Timeshare Insights is based in Orlando, FL, and was founded by Schreier in 2003. Schreier has spent more than 20 years in advertising and marketing. In recent months, she has appeared on several national radio talk shows to discuss timeshare, including an appearance on WOR-AM in New York on the Travel With Val show. Feature articles have been written about her company in the Los Angeles Times, Orlando Sentinel, San Jose Mercury News and Tampa Tribune, among others, and she is a frequent guest on travel and real estate related radio programs. Schreier also holds seminars across the country, dealing with timeshares and offering her expertise to potential timeshare owners. She is available for group speaking appearances on the subject as well. Ibach & Associates handles all arrangements for these seminars and personal appearances. Schreier is also publishing a book on timeshares entitled "Surviving a Timeshare Presentation. . .Confessions from the Sales Table."

For more information on Timeshare Insights, visit www.timeshareinsights.com

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