Judy Kaplan, MS

The resident of Barrington, IL, offers her clients dilemma resolution from her more than 30 years of professional and personal experiences, allowing her to sift through problematic issues in a clear-cut way. Kaplan's expertise includes individual counseling, marital therapy, stress management assistance and executive coaching for professionals. She is an accomplished motivational speaker and consultant to corporations, large and small.

Her web sites www.therapy-to-go.com and www.empower-vision.com help individuals to achieve their highest potential through nurturance and empowerment.

Ibach & Associates handles all of Kaplan's publicity campaigns, media interviews and also manages many of her professional speaking and community appearances. In 2001 and 2002, Kaplan was featured or mentioned in several Chicago newspapers, including the Daily Herald, Pioneer Press, Waukegan News-Sun and Chicago Tribune.

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