Bug Ban

Ibach & Associates helped launch this new insect repelling wristband (non-Deet) for its client, Eco-Tech of Lake George, NY, during the middle 1990s. As a result of an extensive media relations campaign, the product was introduced to more than 110 print publications and appeared on more than 120 radio and television shows. Highlights included articles in The Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Detroit Free Press, Chicago Sun-Times, Washington Post, Miami Herald, Indianapolis Star, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Baltimore Sun, New York Daily News, Orlando Sentinel, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Boston Herald, Boston Globe, People Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Chicago Crain's Business and Business Week. National television appearances were arranged in more than 15 Top 25 markets and on such national programs as CNN, the Oprah Winfrey Show (twice) and the Sally Jessy Raphael Show. As a result of these and other media efforts during a four-year period, more than 25 million Bug Bans were sold at retail stores in the United States and the product was marketed overseas to 49 countries.

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