Brunswick Zone Entertainment Centers

In recent years, Ibach & Associates developed a comprehensive media relations plan and implemented all components of the publicity program on behalf of the Brunswick Indoor Recreation Group to assist in the grand opening of three Brunswick Zone entertainment centers in the Chicagoland area.  As a result, the three facilities received extensive television, radio and print coverage, totaling more than 25 million impressions during a five-week period.  This success paved the way for Brunswick to launch another group of Brunswick Zones in New Jersey and New York.

Brunswick World Tournament of Champions

Ibach & Associates handled all media relations, both pre-event and on-site tournament activities, for this PBA event that was recognized as the sport’s “World Series” event.  The weeklong tournament attracted sellout crowds during the final rounds, including the nationally televised final round on ESPN-TV from the Deer Park Brunswick Zone lanes in Lake Zurich, IL.  More than 30 million media impressions resulted from television, radio, newspaper and magazine coverage generated by Ibach & Associates’ media activities as the tournament returned to the Chicago area.

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